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Increase your planning certainty by more than 30% with AI-powered demand predictions.

Break planning habits ...

The complexities of today’s supply chain and unpredictable markets magnify the manual workload it takes for planners to maintain their demand estimation. Properly organizing inventory, staffing and prevent stock-outs requires not only the right data capabilities but also eats up valuable time.

Break planning habits ...

... to increase planning certainty by >30%

Our powerful AI model enables you to take your demand forecasting to the next level. Using paretos improves inventory and staff allocation throughout your organization and significantly reduces assortment problems such as out-of-stocks, or replenishment costs, which ultimately enables crucial cost savings and results in a higher service level.

... to increase planning certainty by >30%

paretos cockpit: Real-life example of the Connect View for Demand Prediction.


Empower your demand estimation with predictive analytics from paretos.

Higher forecast accuracy & faster decision-making

Smart staff planning & increased employee satisfaction

Higher service level & customer satisfaction

More sustainable business strategies

Less manual workload and operating costs

Better demand planning & increased performance value

Better & more cost-effective risk management

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See which data are crucial for your decision-making

Before jumping into prediction modeling, paretos will automatically analyze your historical data and show you which factors influence your set strategic goals and business KPIs. By weaving together all your available data you’ll get a full overview on their quality and better understand how you can use them for future decision-making.


No need for “educated guesses” anymore

With automated AI pipelines, we take care of selecting and training the best model for you and your data. Our Dynamic Demand Prediction method automatically derives optimized forecasts considering every possible scenario and enables you to ultimately make the best possible choice. Based on those predictions, you’ll be able to find solutions for any other use case that is crucial to your operations, such as dynamic pricing strategies or fulfillment efficiency.


Automate and scale forecasts in your company

We saved the best for last: Once you’ve successfully integrated your data to paretos and saw first results, our self-learning algorithm switches to auto-pilot. Designed to continuously collect feedback on previous optimization models, it constantly learns to adapt to changing situations and to process new data faster, guaranteeing better and more accurate prediction results along the way.

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