Omnichannel Optimization

Gain control of your advertising spend

Optimize your marketing mix, automate channel allocation and increase impact of campaigns.

Attribution models are so 2000 ...

Digital marketing is amazingly powerful when it comes to reach quicker conversions and properly measuring your ROI. But it bears the cost of delivering dozens of different campaigns due to a constantly changing marketing environment. Trying to fully understand which ads are performing well and which are costing you too much makes efficient budget allocations highly complex. So, how can you optimize your return on advertising spend (ROAS) to get the most out of your budget?

Attribution models are so 2000 ...

… automate your ad spends

AI-based technology takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. Our prediction algorithm helps you to automatically optimize profits, improve your overall advertisement ROI and measure the contribution of each channel by generating insights on potential areas of ad investment, showing you trade-offs between relevant impact factors and automatically reallocating your budgets.

paretos Cockpit: Real-life example of the Connect View for Omnichannel Optimization.


Our predictive AI platform is the leading force for leveraging the opportunities of automated ad spend optimization.

Higher revenue and sales productivity

Targeted budget allocation

Higher conversion rate

Reduced overhead costs

More efficient campaign planning

Scalable campaign processes

Faster learning iterations


Higher margins through Dynamic Pricing

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Find out what impacts your conversions

By unifying and optimizing your data input, you will get a comprehensive overview of your campaigns performances, your advertising costs and the effectiveness off your marketing channels, allowing you to see the larger picture of your paid marketing efforts.


Foresee scenarios of your campaign planning

Our Predict View allows you to consider every possible performance scenario and takes care of selecting and training the best model for you and your data. Simply customize your input parameter and see how they would translate in future results.


Find the right trade-offs to optimize your ad spend

With paretos you’ll be able to identify the optimal balance between spending too much on low-impact advertising and missing out on key customer groups. Our AI-based algorithm is designed to find those trade-offs much faster and deliver more optimal future scenarios than other tools in the market.


Execute and automate your budget allocation

Once you’ve successfully integrated your data to paretos and saw first results, our self-learning algorithm will continuously adjust ad spends according to your set preferences. Since our platform is designed to continuously adapt to changing situations and process new data faster, it even guarantees better and more accurate prediction results in the long run.

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