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Decision Intelligence has arrived in companies

Smarter and faster decisions

Simplify complex decisions using the power of AI by connecting your data to the paretos decision intelligence engine.

More learning, more earning

Empower your teams to make more sustainable and informed decisions with reliable insights into future scenarios.

No-code, no prior knowledge

The paretos platform is designed to reduce technical barriers and provide a user-friendly, ready-to-use environment.

Global key market player

MarketsandMarkets™ recognizes paretos as one of the global key market players in the field of Decision Intelligence. By 2027, the global market is expected to reach a size of 22.7 billion US dollars.

Top strategic technology trend

By the end of 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will use decision intelligence, including decision modeling. Global uncertainty coupled with increasing complexity is accelerating adoption.

People, planet and profit

We are a proud member of the action-oriented climate community LFCA, striving to make better, more balanced decisions that lead to sustainable outcomes in everything we do.

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Make sustainable choices with Decision Intelligence

Company decisions are determined much too often by intuition and emotion – even commitments made at executive level. Decision Intelligence helps you to transform your organization’s decision-making processes by utilizing the benefits of AI and predictive analytics.


One platform, multiple use cases



Increase your planning certainty by more than 30% with AI-powered demand predictions.


Step up your forecasting game, properly organize your inventory and prevent stock-outs.


Optimize your resource planning based on predicted demand will help you balance quality and cost.


Optimize your marketing mix, automate channel allocation and increase impact of campaigns.

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Future-proof your business with AI

Data Science is more than a technological stimulus. If AI implementation is solely funneled by the IT department, it’s likely that other teams won’t receive the information they need to address real business objectives.


Avoid bottom-up approach to AI implementation, which in most cases ends up in few shelfed experiments in IT, addressing data problems rather than business objectives



The key to success in any organization is breaking down siloes. Decision Intelligence needs cross-departmental visibility to empower every team to address their objectives and make the best possible decisions.


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Higher margins through
Dynamic Pricing

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Strategy Consulting

Optimizing Team Performance
with AI Predictions

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Leading Parcel Service

Dynamic Resource Planning
in the Logistics Industry

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