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Scale your data to scale your business

Smarter decisions, faster results

Simplify complex decisions using the power of AI by connecting your data to paretos’ intelligence engine.

More learning, more earning

Empower your teams to make more sustainable decisions with reliable insights into future scenarios.

No code, no prior knowledge

The paretos platform is designed to reduce technical barriers and provide a user-friendly, ready-to-use environment.

Make sustainable choices with Decision Intelligence

Company decisions are determined much too often by intuition and emotion – even commitments made at executive level. Decision Intelligence helps you to transform your organization’s decision-making processes by utilizing the benefits of AI and predictive analytics.


One platform, multiple use cases


Omnichannel Optimization

Automated advertisement allocation helps you to measure and optimize channel and campaign efficiencies.

Dynamic Pricing

Drive your revenue and increase profits with smart, real-time pricing or discount optimization.

Warehouse Optimization

Improve the efficiency of your operations, reduce storage costs and optimize your workforce.

Custom Predictions

Make precise predictions for your key metrics, e.g. on demand forecast, customer churn or delivery time.

Customer voices

paretos has shown us how to customize our discounts to optimize margins for the entire store. What I really like is that it gives us deep insight into how factors effect sales and margins of our product bundles and which perform the best. We’ve not only learned an insane amount of information from our own data, but also how much potential AI-based decision scenarios actually have for Dynamic Pricing or Ad Spend Optimization.

Johannes Kliesch

Co-Founder and Managing Director


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To connect our recommendation and prediction engine to the paretos API was super smooth and was completed within a few weeks without using a single data scientist. Now our model is constantly improving with an AI-based algorithm – this is a game changer for us and, especially, for our clients.

Ilhan Scheer

Global Lead Product & Technology, Talent & Organization/Human Potential


We have entered a completely new chapter of planning and forecasting with paretos. We now have dynamic, tailored and highly precise forecasts of parcel quantities with the potential to add even more parameters or use-cases in the future. This gives us the chance to plan and balance our resources and suppliers much more efficiently – which is a core element of our success.

Tobias S.

Senior Manager Product Management & Business Analytics

Future-proof your business with AI

Data Science is more than a technological stimulus. If AI implementation is solely funneled by the IT department, it’s likely that other teams won’t receive the information they need to address real business objectives.


Avoid bottom-up approach to AI implementation, which in most cases ends up in few shelfed experiments in IT, addressing data problems rather than business objectives



The key to success in any organization is breaking down siloes. Decision Intelligence needs cross-departmental visibility to empower every team to address their objectives and make the best possible decisions.


Our customers see results


Higher margins and orders through Dynamic Pricing

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Optimizing Team Performance with AI Predictions


Leading parcel service

+10% prediction accuracy thanks to Data Science



We are at the brink of one of the biggest business transformations in history. Do you want to stay ahead in the decision-making game? We’ve got you covered.

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