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paretos is the pioneering Decision Intelligence platform: Connect your business data and gain insights, predictions and future scenarios backed by AI - without prior knowledge.

Ad Spend Optimization

Still allocating high budgets based on gut feeling? Start doing a strategic marketing approach and set optimal budgets per channel/funnel dynamically. Feel free to try out new trending channels and learn fast.

Dynamic pricing

Static is so 1990s! Optimize the prices for your products tailored to customer cluster and react fast to changing markets by choosing the best trade-off between margin and buying probability.

Warehouse optimization

Reality is complex and fast changing. Do you know your future stock and how to steer best tradeoffs? Get dynamic predictions for your daily warehouse planning and do real time optimization.



Easily connect your data with paretos using existing connectors. It enables automation and reduces the risk when exchanging data with other tools. For a smooth start, the platform of course also offers the upload of Excel / .csv files.


Get input/output relations and many other insights about your data. Paretos can show you, for example, whether you are looking at the right inputs or whether relevant parameters are still missing from your data. In addition, you can see at a glance the impact of your individual data on your business outcome. Become data-driven from day 1!


Get predicted results based on specified inputs. With automated AI pipelines, we take care of selecting and training the best model for you and your data, and leave it to you to use for predictions. No need for “educated guess” anymore.


Get all the best future scenarios and solutions at once and see all the trade-offs between the alternatives. Pareto’s AI based algorithm Socrates is designed to not only find the trade-offs much faster than other solutions but also to find many more optimal solutions.

Deep tech under the hood

Self learning

Self learning

A self-learning, dynamic learning layer with over tens of thousands of hours of training enables paretos to deliver individual models and trade-offs for each problem.

Using numerous underlying comprehensive libraries of state-of-the-art AI models and optimizations, the paretos platform automatically selects and applies the most appropriate ones for the customer data.


In general input – output data are required. Each input and output should be collected ideally in a separate row. Input data are defined as all data that may have an impact on at least one output data. E.g. marketing ad spends as input data for conversion rate. Input data can contain inputs on which you can have a direct impact e.g. ad spends or inputs which you can not influence but may have an impact on one of the outputs e.g. competitor price.​
Yes, but it might be less than you think. Some of our customers started with 100 rows of data. Our algorithms pick the right prediction model for your data automatically and trains it. Based on the training you get insights about the models and if it is enough data. Furthermore, our solution lets you know after adding iteratively new data if the models are improving or if you should consider to collect other inputs which could be relevant.
After 2 weeks you receive the first insights about impacts of your input data on your outputs. The insights are generated based on a first prediction model. In case the data require big amount of pre-processing it may take longer depending on the data complexity.​
Sure, when a model already exist the first results can be obtained within hours. Simply connect the model with paretos and get your dynamic trade-offs. In this case the model will run on your computing resources and only meta data are exchanged with paretos platform.

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