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We help businesses 💻 to be the leader of the pack in the new era of AI. 🤖 As one of Germany’s fastest growing tech start-ups 🚀, paretos democratizes groundbreaking data science, forecasting and trade-off scenarios so organizations can make better decisions. 🎯

Why we exist

We believe that everyone should be given the knowledge to help them make the smartest decisions. By making the power of predictive data science easily accessible for all via an intuitive platform, we aim to empower teams and organizations to solve complex problems without the need for experienced data scientists. This allows any business to benefit from cutting-edge AI technology just as the leading tech giants do.


Become the leading Decision Intelligence platform for decision-makers to empower all organizations to make good decisions at any time.

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Diversity & Inclusion

paretos is an inclusive company with equal opportunities for all. Our corporate culture is guided by the principles of GUNG HO – we believe in the synergy of worthwhile work, the control of achieving a common goal, and the importance of cheering each other on. We are proud to have brought together passionate, high-performing and caring people of all genders, cultures, backgrounds and views. Together, they all form the heart of the company and drive us to new heights every day.


At paretos we strive for better and more balanced decisions that lead to sustainable outcomes. Our solution is designed to empower business leaders with a better understanding of the impact of their decisions. We pride ourselves on generating sustainable value for our customers, but also take great concern for the future of the environment ourselves. Our CEO and the company itself are members of Leaders for Climate Action (lfca.earth) to benefit from and actively contribute to the action-driven climate community. Furthermore, we provide all our employees with a mobility budget. Whilst our paretoneers gain easy access to all kinds of urban transportation, our mobility budget partner helps offset the carbon emission for every ride made.


At paretos, you will work with the most talented thought leaders, data scientists, engineers, and marketeers to shape the future of decision-making. We operate “remote-first” and welcome applications from all over the world. If you’re up for it, you’ll always find a free desk at our headquarters (located at the picturesque town of Heidelberg) and we’ll regularly invite you to meet your colleagues off-site somewhere in Europe.

We are proud to have already brought together some pretty amazing, passionate, high-performing and caring people of all genders, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Together, we all form the heart of the company that drives us to new heights every day. We are looking for people to join our team who believe in the synergy of meaningful work, the control of achieving a common goal and the importance of cheering each other on.


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Powered by passionate geeks

The founders of paretos are driven by an almost insatiable thirst to master complex interrelationships with digital technology. What could be more logical than leveraging machine learning expertise to lead companies into the digital future?


Thorsten Heilig linked

Founder / CEO

Thorsten is driven by his fascination on how technology is crucial to solve complex challenges and help scaling businesses – from accelerating business growth to mastering agile transformation or managing change. His roles as co-founder of various companies, systemic management coach and, most recently, COO at moovel/REACH NOW have made him passionate about exploring new methods and technologies that can be used by practically anyone.


Fabian Rang linked

Co-Founder & CTO

Fabian is fascinated by the ways mathematical methods can be used to process complex data structures and models. He swapped his secure engineering job at a German OEM to attain himself a doctorate in systems engineering and mathematics, researching for several years on the topic of efficient optimization modeling, to finally find an approach that allows him to bridge the gap between mathematics and business applications.


Éric Värnild linked

VP Engineering

Eric decided to join paretos when he witnessed the company’s achievement in combining machine learning and optimization to add real value to business-critical challenges. With 30 years of experience in software engineering and artificial intelligence in various management positions (e.g., at IBM and Rapidminer), he brings the necessary expertise to form a world-class technical team that can build superior enterprise software with deep tech as a foundation.