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Our end-to-end Decision Intelligence platform makes data analytics as accessible and easy to integrate as an e-mail program.

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Business Analytics meets Data Science: We re-engineered the use of AI to seize sustainable business opportunities and make better, faster and more scalable business decisions than ever.


Say goodbye to paralyzing AI applications: Our no-code platform is designed to navigate you through analytics processes without prior data, coding or modeling knowledge.


Forget experiments that end up lost in translation. Paretos allows you to find innovative solutions to your individual use case and scale them across the entire organization.


Don’t let simplicity deceive you: Our software is specifically designed for handling highly complex models to enable companies to generate extensive data analyses.


Our platform is packed with state-of-the-art technologies that outperform established algorithms from Facebook AI and other known open-source packages on the market.


Connect your available data

Easily import your data to paretos via modern interfaces (API) or connectors to common business tools (ERP, BI, CRM, data warehouse or even store systems) to guarantee a smooth, automated and GDPR compliant data exchange. To start off quickly, we also offer the upload of Exel/.csv files.


Browse more than 100 integrations to easily and quickly connect your data.

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Connect your available data


Improve the quality of your data

Decision-making models are only as good as the data with which they’re fed. This is why we help you improve the quality of your data with actionable feedback and recommendations so that you can derive better decisions right from the start.

Improve the quality of your data


Discover actionable insights

Get input/output relations and many other insights from your data to find out what impacts your decisions. The output is visualized in a user-friendly modular interface and results can easily be exported or automated back into your company’s tools.

Discover actionable insights


Predict the outcome of your actions

No more “educated guesses”: We enable you to foresee the outcome of your actions with our automated AI pipelines and scenarios based on your specified inputs. Paretos takes care of selecting and training the best optimization model for you and your data.

Predict the outcome of your actions


Decide for the best possible solution

There are billions of possible solutions for every business decision, but not all of them are optimal. paretos will automatically analyze all possible scenarios and show you only the best solutions, visualizing trade-offs to make them easily comparable. As you are equipped with all the information you need, it is then up to you to decide what your best solution is whilst considering your business objectives and strategy at the time.

Decide for the best possible solution


Execute and automate your decisions

Once you have decided your best course of action you can execute your decision with the simplest click of a button. paretos will automatically set the mandatory input parameters so from then on our algorithm will run 24/7 and automatically adjust the inputs as and when required. Sit back, relax and see how paretos generates value for you.

Execute and automate your decisions

Smarter, better, faster, safer

paretos achieves better results in less time than algorithms from Facebook AI and any other open source package currently on the market.

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What kind of data do I need?


In general you require input–output data. Each input and output should ideally be collected in a separate row. Input data is defined as all data that could have an impact on at least one output.

For example: Marketing ad spends are considered as input data for conversion rates. Input data can contain parameters that you can have a direct impact upon (like your ad spends) or factors that may have an impact on one of the outputs upon which you have no influence (e.g. competitor price).

Is a minimum of data required?


Yes, but it might be less than you think. Some of our customers started with 100 rows of data. Our algorithm automatically picks the correct prediction model for your data and trains it. The results are then based on the accuracy of the model and the amount of data supplied. As you add more data, our solution lets you know if the models are improving or if you should consider collecting other types of input that could be more relevant.

How do you protect my data?


Your trust, data safety and GDPR compliance are paramount for us. Our platform is build around privacy and only uses data that is required to run models helping you to make better decisions. Here the algorithm focuses on spotting trends among groups and individuals rather than analyzing personal data – those details are automatically deleted as part of the upload process.

How long does it take to get started/get first results?


As a general rule you should receive your first insights of the impact of your data upon your outputs within a couple of weeks. The insights are generated based on a first prediction model so in some cases large amounts of more complex data may require longer pre-processing so it could take a bit more time.

Can I use existing models to directly get trade-offs?


Absolutely, when a model already exists the first results can be obtained within hours. Simply connect the model with paretos and get your dynamic trade-offs. In this case the model will run on your computing resources and only meta data are exchanged with the paretos platform.

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