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    50 Models
    250.000 Predictions
    25 Users, ∞ Viewers


Everyone can make good decisions at any time. We offer transparent and ready-to-go plans that allow companies across all industries with little or no data science capabilities to tap the potential of Decision Intelligence. Our flexible offers will fit any of your personal business needs.

  • Projects
  • Predictions
  • Models
  • Users
  • Guided connect to data/model
  • Onboarding Support
  • Data Science Support
  • Integration Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
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  • 1 user, ∞ viewers
  • Self-Service via 100+ Integrations & CSV Support
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  • 25.000
  • 8
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  • 6 hours
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  • Grow
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Get your data game up and running

Our custom-tailored onboarding approach significantly improves the quality of your data and sets the mark for an integrated data knowledge system that doesn’t remain siloed within the IT department.

Define your strategy & identify your data

Our team of experts at paretos will guide you through the initial weeks of setting up and using the platform. We will be with you, from discovering relevant use cases to help identify your most important business challenges to qualifying your existing data and ensuring that your AI projects are successful right from the start.

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Connect your data to paretos

By using one of our 100+ connectors or by simply uploading Exel/.csv files, you can connect your data to our platform super easily and quickly. We will then automatically enrich them with external information, such as weather data or holidays, to improve the model precision.

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Improve and iterate to achieve high-quality results

Once your data is connected and AI-ready, it will be used to build an effective optimization model for your specific business challenge thanks to its powerful self-learning algorithm. Paretos steadily improves the model over time to deliver to you results as accurate and significant as possible.

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Deploy decision models directly to production

Decisions are only valuable if they are executed. We integrate all decision models into your workflow so that your decisions are executed immediately and continuously, simply with the click of a button.

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Scale your success across your organization

Once you have successfully built and empowered your AI capabilities with a pilot program, it’s time to scale the approach of data-backed decisions across your entire organization. This will not only make decisions more transparent and auditable for all employees, it also allows you to realize the full potential of Decision Intelligence for your business.



We are at the brink of one of the biggest business transformations in history. Do you want to stay ahead in the decision-making game? We’ve got you covered.

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