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Paretos achieves better results in less time than algorithms from Facebook AI and any other open source package currently on the market.

Smarter choices

Unlike conventional algorithms that only evaluate one specific problem, paretos can be applied to many different scenarios and considers multiple factors and variables simultaneously. This allows you to see trade-offs between different solutions and decide on your ultimate option.

Deep tech under the hood

Innovative optimization algorithm

Our patented optimization algorithm layer called “Socrates” achieves better results in less time. Compared with other AI applications the paretos success rate for optimal choices is a factor of 20-30 higher. This ultra precise allocation is made possible by an intermediary “picker” layer that selects a large number of existing models and optimizations and ensures that the right algorithms are always applied to the customer’s problem.

Development Docs

Paretos is a browser-based no-code UI platform that can be fully integrated into your existing tools, thus enabling you to unlock the full potential of your models quickly, effortlessly and demand-oriented.

Seamless integration

paretos connects to hundreds of data sources, saving hours of manual work and reducing critical risk factors and errors during data exchange. Your AI-driven decisions are continuously implemented in the background, 24/7.

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